Theatre (Director)Date
The Winter’s Tale27th February-14th March 2017

Theatre (Writer)Date
The Herd13th September-26th October 2013

Theatre (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Macbeth26th February-23rd June 2018Macbeth
Young Marx18th October-31st December 2017Karl Marx
The Threepenny Opera18th May-1st October 2016Macheath
Shakespeare Live! From the RSC23rd April 2016Macbeth
The Trial19th June-22nd August 2015Josef K
Live from the National Theatre 50 Years on Stage2nd November 2013Bernard Nightingale (from the play Arcadia)/Dolabella (from Antony and Cleopatra)/Iago (from Othello)
Othello16th April-5th October 2013Iago
The Last of the Haussmans7th June-11th October 2012Nick
Hamlet13th April-23rd March 2011Hamlet
Hamlet 9th December 2010-12th March 2011Hamlet
Measure for Measure12th February-10th April 2010Angelo
Burnt by the Sun24th February-21st May 2009Mitia
The Revenger’s Tragedy27th May-28th August 2008Vindice
Before the Flood16th January 2008David
Philistines23rd May-18th August 2007Pyotr
The Man of Mode29th January-19th April 2007Sir Fopling Fluter
Southwark Fair10th February-4th July 2006Simon
Mary Stuart7th October 2005-14th January 2006Mortimer
Mary Stuart14th July-3rd September 2004Mortimer
Hamlet17th April-31st July 2004Laertes
The Tamer Tamed22nd January-6th March 2004
The School of Night17th-20th October 2003 Christopher Marlowe
Cymbeline2003First Gentleman/Caius Lucius
The Taming of the Shrew14th January-6th March 2003Tranio
The Tempest12th October-18th November 2002Caliban
The Seagull2nd-20th April 2002Konstantin
Red Noses1997Father Toulon
Cyrano de Bergerac 199?Cyrano de Bergerac
Dirk GentlyDirk Gently

Theatre Workshop (Actor)Year

Theatre (Gala)Date
National Theatre: Up Next Gala 20177th March 2017

Film (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Peterloo 2018Henry Hunt
Daddy My (Short)2018Father
National Theatre Live: Macbeth10th May 2018Macbeth
National Theatre Live: Young Marx7th December 2017Karl Marx
Trespass Against Us2017P.C Lovage
National Theatre Live: The Threepenny Opera22nd September 2016Macheath
The Roof (Short)31st March 2016Yet Another Fan
Spectre2015Bill Tanner
Man Up2015Sean
The Imitation Game2014Detective Robert Nock
Cuban Fury2014Gary
Life's a Pitch (Short)2013
National Theatre Live: Othello26th October 2013Iago
Skyfall2012Bill Tanner
National Theatre Live: The Last of the Haussmans19th October 2012Nick
Broken2012Bob Oswald
National Theatre Live: Hamlet9th December 2010Hamlet
Wild Target 2010Gerry Bailey
Wish 143 (Short)2009Wishman
Quantum of Solace2008Bill Tanner
Pocomen (Short)2003

TV Movie (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Brexit: The Uncivil War7th January 2019Craig Oliver
Loving Miss Hatto23rd December 2012Young Barrington Coupe
Women in Love2011Rupert Birkin
The First Men in the Moon19th October 2010Bedford
Lennon Naked 23rd June 2010Brian Epstein
Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley12th June 2008Denis Thatcher
The Curse of Steptoe19th March 2008Alan Simpson
Mansfield Park 18th March 2007Rushworth
Secret Smile12th December 2005Nick
Ghosts of Albion: Embers31st October 2004William Swift (voice)
Judas 8th March 2004Andrew
Ghosts of Albion: LegacyMay 2003William Swift (voice)

Television (Actor)Episode/Season/SeriesYear/DateCharacter
Penny Dreadful: City of AngelsDr. Peter Craft
Years and YearsStephen Lyons
Catherine the Great
Watership DownThe Escape and the Siege (episode 1.2)23rd December 2018Cowslip
Watership DownThe Journey and the Raid (episode 1.1)22nd December 2018Cowslip
Inside No.9Zanzibar (episode 4.1)2nd January 2018Prince Rico/Gus
QuacksThe Physician’s Hernia (episode 1.6)19th September 2017Robert
QuacksThe Bishop’s Appendix (episode 1.5)12th September 2017Robert
QuacksThe Indian Mesmerist (episode 1.4)5th September 2017Robert
QuacksThe Madman’s Trial (episode 1.3)29th August 2017Robert
QuacksThe Lady's Abscess (episode 1.2)22nd August 2017Robert
QuacksThe Duke's Tracheotomy (episode 1.1)15th August 2017Robert
Guerrillaepisode 1.618th May 2017Chief Inspector Pence
Guerrillaepisode 1.511th May 2017Chief Inspector Pence
Guerrillaepisode 1.44th May 2017Chief Inspector Pence
Guerrillaepisode 1.327th April 2017Chief Inspector Pence
Guerrillaepisode 1.220th April 2017Chief Inspector Pence
Guerrillaepisode 1.113th April 2017Chief Inspector Pence
Penny DreadfulThe Blessed Dark (episode 3.9)19th June 2016Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulPerpetual Night (episode 3.8)19th June 2016Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulEbb Tide (episode 3.7)12th June 2016John Clare
Penny DreadfulNo Beast So Fierce (episode 3.6)5th June 2016The Creature
Penny DreadfulA Blade of Grass (episode 3.4)22nd May 2016John Clare
Penny DreadfulGood and Evil Braided Be (episode 3.3)15th May 2016Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulThe Day Tennyson Died (episode 3.1)1st May 2016Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulAnd They Were Enemies (episode 2.10)5th July 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulAnd Hell Itself My Only Foe (episode 2.9)28th June 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulMemento Mori (episode 2.8)21st June 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulLittle Scorpion (episode 2.7)14th June 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulGlorious Horrors (episode 2.6)7th June 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulAbove the Vaulted Sky (episode 2.5)31st May 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulEvil Spirits in Heavenly Places (episode 2.4)24th May 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulVerbis Diablo (episode 2.2)10th May 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
Penny DreadfulFresh Hell (episode 2.1)3rd May 2015Caliban/The Creature/John Clare
The Casual Vacancyepisode 1.31st March 2015Barry Fairbrother
The Casual Vacancyepisode 1.222nd February 2015Barry Fairbrother
The Casual Vacancyepisode 1.115th February 2015Barry Fairbrother
Penny DreadfulGrand Guignol (episode 1.8)29th June 2014Caliban/The Creature
Penny DreadfulPossession (episode 1.7)22nd June 2014Caliban/The Creature
Penny DreadfulWhat Death Can Join Together (episode 1.6)15th June 2014Caliban/The Creature
Penny DreadfulDemimonde (episode 1.4)1st June 2014Caliban/The Creature
Penny Dreadful Resurrection (episode 1.3)25th May 2014Caliban/The Creature
Penny Dreadful Séance (episode 1.2)18th May 2014Caliban/The Creature
Lucanepisode 1.218th December 2013Richard Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan
Lucanepisode 1.111th December 2013Richard Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan
SouthcliffeAll Souls (episode 1.4)18th August 2013David Whitehead
SouthcliffeSorrow's Child (episode 1.3)11th August 2013David Whitehead
SouthcliffeLight Falls (episode 1.2)5th August 2013David Whitehead
SouthcliffeThe Hollow Shore (episode 1.1)4th August 2013David Whitehead
Count Arthur StrongSeries 1, 2 and 32013, 2015 and 2017Michael Baker
The Hollow CrownRichard II (episode 1.1)30th June 2012Bolingbroke
The Mystery of Edwin Droodepisode 1.211th January 2012Reverend Septimus Crisparkle
The Mystery of Edwin Droodepisode 1.110th January 2012Reverend Septimus Crisparkle
Black MirrorThe National Anthem (episode 1.1)4th December 2011Michael Callow
Vexedepisode 1.329th August 2010Dan Bishop
Vexedepisode 1.222nd August 2010Dan Bishop
Vexedepisode 1.115th August 2010Dan Bishop
Cranford October 1844 (episode 2.2)27th December 2009Septimus Ludlow/Septimus Hanbury
Cranford October 1844 (episode 2.1)20th December 2009Septimus Ludlow/Septimus Hanbury
Beautiful People How I Got My Plumes (episode 2.2)20th November 2009Ross Kemp
The Thick of Itepisode 3.124th October 2009Ed
Waking the DeadEnd of the Night: Part 2 (episode 8.4)14th September 2009James Mitcham
Waking the DeadEnd of the Night: Part 1 (episode 8.3)13th September 2009James Mitcham
Ashes to Ashesepisode 2.34th May 2009Jeremy
MinderThe Art of the Matter (episode 1.3)18th February 2009DI Peter Willoughby
Messiah The Rapture2008Stewart Dean
Plus OnePilot19th October 2007Rob Black
Five Days Day Seventy Nine (episode 1.5)1st February 2007 Kyle Betts
Five Days Day Twenty Eight (episode 1.3)25th January 2007Kyle Betts
Five Days Day Three (episode 1.2)24th January 2007Kyle Betts
Five Days Day One (episode 1.1)23rd January 2007Kyle Betts
Silent Witness The Meaning of Death: Part 2 (episode 9.6)9th August 2005Paul
Silent Witness The Meaning of Death: Part 1 (episode 9.5)8th August 2005Paul
The Second Coming episode 1.19th Feb 2003Father Dillane
Ultimate Force The Killing House (episode 1.1)16th September 2002Policeman
Judge John Deed Duty of Care (episode 1.2)3rd December 2001Tony Cootes

Audio Books (Voice)Date
The Word Is Murder7th September 2017
Yesterday1st September 2016
Yesterday10th August 2017
Fear10th August 2017
Number 1115th November 2015
The First World War in Poetry15th September 2014
Live and Let Die26th September 2013
Good Evening: Behind Beyond the Fringe2nd February 2012
The Moment You Feel It6th May 2011
The King James Bible: Readings from the New Testament18th April 2011
Doctor Who: Industrial Evolution15th April 2011
Agatha Christie: Crooked House 17th March 2008

TV AppearancesEpisodeDateCharacter
Shakespeare Live! From the RSC23rd April 2016Macbeth
40th Olivier Awards3rd April 2016
Comic Relief 2015: Making It Funny for Money13th March 2015
Comic Relief: Face the Funny13th March 2015
BAFTA Television Awards 201418th May 2014
38th Olivier Awards13th April 2014
Live from the National Theatre 50 Years on Stage2nd November 2013Bernard Nightingale (from the play Arcadia)/Dolabella (from Antony and Cleopatra)/Iago (from Othello)
BBC Proms 2011Prom 38: Film Music Night12th August 2011

TV InterviewsDate
ABC (Chicago)16th April 2015
Fox News Chicago9th April 2015
The Andrew Marr Show28th July 2013
BBC Breakfast24th March 2011
BBC Breakfast11th June 2008
BBC London News6th February 2007

Radio InterviewsDate
Today24th February 2018
Bernie Keith6th December 2017
Graham Norton7th October 2017
Music Matters27th February 2017
Loose Ends28th May 2016
Saturday Classics30th April 2016
Ken Bruce18th-22nd April 2016
The Chris Evans Breakfast Show 7th August 2015
Front Row24th June 2015
Simon Mayo Drivetime28th April 2015
Morning Shift7th April 2015
Today14th April 2014
Sunday Feature: Anything But Banal: The Fascination of the Villain29th December 2013
Private Passions13th October 2013
Night Waves18th September 2013
The Radio 2 Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman13th September 2013
Richard Bacon17th December 2012
Loose Ends7th January 2012
The Radio 2 Arts Show16th September 2011
Front Row7th October 2010

Radio Play (Director)Date
The Winter's Tale20th May 2017

Radio Plays/Poetry Reading/Book Reading/Short Stories (Voice) (Actor)EpisodeDateCharacter
Faith Healer17th-19th August 2018Frank
The Pickwick Papers9th August 2018
Words and MusicThere Will Be Blood2nd April 2017
Doctor WhoIndustrial Evolution18th June 2016Samuel Belfrage
Doctor WhoIndustrial Evolution11th June 2016Samuel Belfrage
Book of the WeekLove from Boy: Roald Dahl's Letters to His Mother30th May-3rd June 2016
Words and MusicThe Play's the Thing24th April 2016
In Tune: 2016 Leeds Lieder Festival1st April 2016
Words and MusicKafka and Co10th May 2015
Book at BedtimeThe Lessons1st November 2014
BBC Proms 2014Prom 28: Beethoven and Stravinsky7th August 2014
Words and MusicAfter Shakespeare27th April 2014
Words and MusicThere Will be Blood11th August 2013
Book of the WeekFalling Upwards24th May 2013
Book of the WeekFalling Upwards23rd May 2013
Book of the WeekFalling Upwards22nd May 2013
Book of the WeekFalling Upwards21st May 2013
Book of the WeekFalling Upwards20th May 2013
Black Vodka21st September 2012
Words and MusicEminently Victorian1st July 2012
My Own Shakespeare Podcast: Jonathan DimblebyCymbeline21st May 2012
My Own Shakespeare Podcast: Neil MacGregorHenry V21st May 2012
My Own Shakespeare Podcast: Jim Al-KhaliliKing Lear19th May 2012
My Own Shakespeare Podcast: Charles HazelwoodRichard III19th May 2012
My Own Shakespeare Podcast: Chris PattenCoriolanus18th May 2012
My Own Shakespeare Podcast: Zoe WanamakerHenry V16th May 2012
Unwanted Presenceepisode 2.114th May 2012
Words and MusicHallelujah23rd December 2011
Flare Path5th July 2011Teddy Graham
Edward St Aubyn 28th April 2011
Words and MusicLabyrinth27th March 2011
The WireThe Wall26th February 2011
Spitfire11th September 2010Pirate
Arms and the Man21st March 2010 Captain Bluntschli
Fair Stood the Wind for France 22nd November 2009Franklin
Fair Stood the Wind for France 21st November 2009Franklin
Ruth16th August 2009Bellingham
Ruth9th August 2009Bellingham
Ruth2nd August 2009Bellingham
Ed Harris: The Moment You Feel it18th May 2009Young Alf
Hum17th May 2009Rob
Scoop28th February 2009William Boot
Scoop22nd February 2009William Boot
Scoop21st February 2009William Boot
Scoop15th February 2009William Boot
Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood 25th November 2008Thomas
The Duchess of Malfi12th October 2008Director
Elephant Castle23rd September 2008Ian
Words and MusicDancing in the Wind27th July 2008
When Greed Becomes Fear: Safe as Houses 22nd July 2008Joe
Good Evening14th April 2008Peter Cook
SlipstreamFight for the Future (episode 1.5)28th March 2008
SlipstreamThis Island Earth (episode 1.4)27th March 2008
SlipstreamThe Tomorrow World (episode 1.3)26th March 2008
SlipstreamThe Eagle's Nest (episode 1.2)25th March 2008
SlipstreamInto the Wolf's Lair (episode 1.1)24th March 2008
Crooked House29th February 2008Charles
Crooked House22nd February 2008Charles
Crooked House15th February 2008Charles
Crooked House8th February 2008Charles
Words and MusicA Book of Hours6th January 2008
Puddle27th December 2007Sam
Words and Music22nd July 2007
Strindberg Double Bill 6th March 2005Son-in-law
Festen24th April 2005

Radio (Segment)Date
Guy Garvey's Finest Hour: On Location This Week, With Birds, Dogs and Trains17th February 2019

Public ReadingDate
Connections: A Poem For Every Day Of The Year26th March 2019
Brighton Festival 2018: Songs of the Sea13th May 2018
Songs of the Sea 1st February 2018
Leeds Lieder Festival 2016: Songs of the Sea 1st April 2016
2015 Cancer Research UK Carol Concert15th December 2015
Almeida Greeks Festival: The Iliad14th August 2015
Temple Song 2015: Songs of The Sea29th April 2015

Concert (Performer)Date
Giles Terera: The Kings Road Piano...(And Other Friends)27th-29th November 2016

Concert (Public Reading)Date
59th Summer Festival: I Sing The Body Electric: Walt Whitman in Words and Music 30th July 2017
59th Summer Festival: Willam Walton: Façade: An Entertainment27th July 2017

Concert (Actor)DateCharacter
BBC Proms: 2017: Prom 12: Ten Pieces Presents … Sir Henry’s Magnificent Musical Inspirations23rd July 2017Sir Henry Wood

Video Games (Voice)DateCharacter
007 Legends16th October 2012Bill Tanner
James Bond 007: Blood Stone5th November 2010Bill Tanner
Goldeneye 0072nd November 2010Bill Tanner

Documentary (Television)EpisodeDate
Arena: The National TheatreWar and Peace (episode 1.2)31st October 2013
Muse of Fire: A Shakespearean Road Movie24th October 2013
Mad Dogs and Cricketers1979

Documentary (Narration) (Television) (Voice)EpisodeDateCharacter
Dinner at 112nd June 2014
The Trouble with TolstoyAt War with Himself27th March 2011Young Tolstoy

Cinema (Hosting)Date
Roy Kinnear: An 80th Birthday Tribute29th November 2014

Commercial (Actor)Year
Toilet Freshener 1985

Commercials (Voice)
Samsung Ultra Edition
Get Set for Digital TV
Smarties: Blue's Back

Charity Commercial (Voice)
Fostering Services

Charity Fundraiser (Gala)Date
Cardboard Citizens19th May 2017
Archbishop Sumner Primary School15th April 2015

Charity (Auction)Date
JDRF28th May 2015

Charity (Television) (Telecast)Date
Comic Relief: Face the Funny13th March 2015

Charity Fundraiser (Event)Date
ICAP Charity Day 20175th December 2017

Christie's Spectre18th February 2016

Charity (Ambassador)Date
Cardboard Citizens22nd May 2017

Charity (Print Advert)Date
ERA 50:50: We are Equal Representation For Actresses29th January 2018

Documentary (Television) (Appearance)Date
James Bond's Spectre: With Jonathan Ross17th October 2015

Workshop (Event) (Teaching)Date
Leeds Lieder Festival 20162nd April 2016

Catherine the Great14th April 2019
Young and Old23rd July-13th October 2018
National Theatre: 5 Hamlets18th April 2016

Television (Q and A)Date
BFI TV Preview: Years and Years12th April 2019

Theatre (Q and A)Year/Date
Macbeth30th April 2018
The Threepenny Opera27th June 2016
National Theatre18th October 2013
OthelloAugust 2013

Award (Presenting) (Theatre)Date
2018 Society for Theatre Research Theatre Book Prize21st June 2018

Posters (Television)SeasonYear
Penny Dreadful32016
Penny Dreadful22015
Penny Dreadful12014

Posters (Theatre)Date
Macbeth26th February-23rd June 2018
Young Marx18th October-31st December 2017
The Threepenny Opera18th May-1st October 2016
The Trial19th June-22nd August 2015
Othello16th April-5th October 2013
The Last of the Haussmans7th June-11th October 2012
Hamlet9th December 2010-12th March 2011

Newspaper Article (Print) (Written)Date
Independent14th November 2014

Penny Dreadful Season 22017
Penny Dreadful Season 12016

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